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Epic Mountainbike Tour Istria

Discover Istria during this epic 7-day MTB Tour

Villa 1 - image 1
Villa 1 - image 1
Villa 1 - image 1
Villa 1 - image 1
Villa 1 - image 1
Villa 1 - image 1
Villa 1 - image 1
Villa 1 - image 1
Villa 1 - image 1
Villa 1 - image 1
Villa 1 - image 1
Villa 1 - image 1
Villa 1 - image 1

Villa Labin

MTB Tour 23/08/2024 – 29/08/2024 in Labin

About this villa :

  • Modern villa
  • Surrounded by an oasis of greenery
  • 4 spacious bedrooms with a double bed
  • Luxurious private bathrooms
  • Swimming pool
  • Whirlpool

Prices per person All-in :

  • Private room : € 1.475
  • Room for two : € 1.275
Villa 2 - image 1
Villa 2 - image 1
Villa 2 - image 1
Villa 2 - image 1
Villa 2 - image 1
Villa 2 - image 1
Villa 2 - image 1
Villa 2 - image 1
Villa 2 - image 1
Villa 2 - image 1
Villa 2 - image 1
Villa 2 - image 1
Villa 2 - image 1

Villa Zminj

MTB Tour 08/09/2024 – 14/09/2024 in Zminj

About this villa :

  • Rustic villa
  • In the middle of nature
  • 2 rooms with a double bed + 2 rooms with two single beds
  • 2 apartments for 1 to 3 people
  • Luxurious private bathrooms
  • Swimming pool

Prices per person All-in :

  • Private room : € 1.475
  • Room for two : € 1.275
  • Private apartment : € 1.675
  • Apartment for two : € 1.375

What can you expect and for whom

Rent a bike
You can rent a bike from us for the entire week.
  • Hardtail: € 150
  • Full suspension: € 225
  • E-MTB: on request
If you have your own bike, be sure to bring spare parts.
Varied program
We offer a varied program where we experience a new adventure every day.

We take into account the group level, the weather and your interests.

On our Epic MTB Tour you have the chance to discover Istria on your bike and to enjoy all the beauty that nature has to offer without any worries. All this in a fun, warm and safe environment.
For basic and advanced
This Epic Tour is for basic mountainbikers and advanced riders.
Condition: we cycle between 40 and 60 km every day.
Cycling equipment: we recommend: 
  • XC, Trail or Enduro bike
  • E-bike definitely welcome
  • 100mm suspension or more
  • Full suspension is recommended
  Lv 1   Apprentice: Mountainbikers who are comfortable with good control over the bike. Tours are often wide nature trails.
(20 - 40 km, 250 - 450 hm per day, S0-S1)

   Lv 2   Jedi: Requires more fitness and good bike control. Always varied terrain from single trails to climbs of 800hm.
(35 - 65 km, 400 - 800hm per day, S0-S1-S2)

    Lv 3   Jedi Master: Requires very good fitness and bike control. Includes technical climbs, riding medium obstacles, drops, switchbacks...
(40 - 75 km, 450 - 1000+ hm per day, S0-S1-S2-S3)

3 to 5 hours of MTB per day

Breakfast and dinner

Breakfast, picnic and dinner

Bike trip

Daily bike trip and excursion

Free time

Sufficient free time


Swimming pool



Mountainbike day planning

Daily planning

The hours depend on the MTB tours and the extra excursions.
In the morning
08:00 - 09:00 Breakfast
09:30 - 10:30 Transfer to starting location
10:30 - 12:00 MTB tour
In the afternoon
12:00 - 13:00 Break with picnic
13:00 - 16:00 MTB tour + excursion
16:00 - 18:00 Return villa + time to relax
In the evening
18:00 - 19:00 Dinner
19:00 - 19:30 Briefing
19:30 - ... Free time

Weekly planning

Week planning day 1
Day 1
  • 04:00 pm: check-in
  • Welcome drink
  • Introduction
  • Bike & gear check
  • Briefing
  • 07:00 pm: dinner
Week planning day 2
Day 2
Trail Labin - Rabac
  • Bike Park Rabac
  • Warm-up
  • Confidence check
  • Combination of easy and challenging trails
  • Encounter with "The rocks from heaven"

  ± 550hm      ± 35km       Level 1-2 
Week planning day 3
Day 3
Pirate Cave trail
  • Flowtrails rock
  • Beautiful nature and azure blue water of the Lim Fjord
  • Boattrip and swimming
  • Visit to the Pirate Cave

  ± 600hm      ± 50km       Level 1-2 
Week planning day 4
Day 4
Cape Kamenjak trail
  • Southernmost tip of Istria
  • Trail along the coastline and cliffs
  • For the daredevils: cliff-jumping
  • For the swimmers: snorkeling
  • Self-made BBQ
  • Surprise

  ± 600hm      ± 50km       Level 1-2 
Week planning day 5
Day 5
Lubenice trail - Island Cres
  • Ferry trip to Porozina (island Cres)
  • Transfer to the town of Cres
  • Beautiful climb towards Lubenice
  • Phenomenal view over the bay
  • A winding forest trail on the way back
  • City walk with local guide in:
    'No stress in Cres'

  ± 750hm     ± 55km      Level 1-2 
Week planning day 6
Day 6
Parenzana trail - health & friendship trail
  • Enjoy nature, the weather and new friendships
  • End with a bit of urban style mountainbiking
  • Delicious dinner in Poreč
  • Evening walk with local guide in Poreč

  ± 350hm     ± 60km      Level 1-2 
Week planning day 7
Day 7
  • 08:00 am: final breakfast
  • 11:00 am: check-out
Come visit our 'Wall of Adventures'  


What do you need
  • Mountainbike
  • Helmet (mandatory)
  • Backpack, camelbak, water bottle...
  • Cycling outfit and possible protection (knee pads recommended)
  • Spare parts (tyre, brakes, chain link...)
  • Tools and maintenance products for your bike (we have bike cleaner from Muc-Off available)
  • Swimming clothes, water shoes, snorkel, beach towel
  • Sun cream & mosquito spray
You can also rent a bike for the entire week:
  • Hardtail: €150
  • Full suspension: €225
  • E-MTB: on request
How do you get here
You can fly directly to Pula or Rijeka. These airports are approximately an hour's drive from the villa.
There are several airlines that offer flights to Pula and/or Rijeka:
  At the airport we can provide a pick-up and delivery service for an additional charge of € 50.
Terms of payment
A deposit of 30% must be paid to complete your reservation.
The remaining amount must be paid at least 30 days before arrival.
For a booking within 30 days before arrival, a 50% deposit must be paid and the remaining amount will be paid upon arrival.

Private workshop / clinic

Develop your mountainbike skills in our workshops/clinics.

Learn the basics

For novice mountainbikers, we focus on position, braking and basic MTB skills, so you can quickly have a lot of fun on the trails.

Refine your skills

Advanced levels can also contact us. Here we will delve deeper into the finer techniques such as switchbacks, drops, technical climbs...

Know your bike

Get to know your own bike. We teach you tips and tricks about minor trail repairs on your bike and how to keep your bike in top condition.

You decide which skills we tackle together.
Become the master of your weapon.

Contact me Contact me

Book your MTB Guide

For adventurers who want to take their mountainbike experience to new heights in beautiful Europe, I am your reliable guide. Whether you long for challenging trails in the Alps, take part in a competition, explore the unspoilt beauty of the Pyrenees or brave the Stonemans: we are ready to help create your dream adventure.

Passion for the sport

As a mountainbike guide I offer more than just route guidance. I'm happy to share my passion for the sport and my knowledge to guide you through the European terrains.
Whether you're planning a single day trip or a multi-day epic adventure, I'll tailor the experience to your skill level and desires...

Experience and enthusiasm

Trust my enthusiasm to make your mountainbike experience unforgettable. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure and let me be your guide in the untouched wilderness of Europe.
If I don't know the terrain sufficiently, I have the option of contacting a local guide via the MTB Guides portal.

Book from ½ day to 1 week. Eat-Ride-Sleep-Repeat is all you have to think about; we take care of the rest.

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The Warrior Trail - Work in Progress
Launching Spring 2025

Get on your mountainbike and hit 'The Warrior Trail' - an epic adventure that takes you for 2 to 4 days through the breathtaking landscape of Istria and its surrounding islands.

For the real bikers

This trail is for the true warriors of mountainbiking, ready to embrace the unknown and push their limits on the pedals.
The power of adventurous spirits and strong legs drive this epic journey.

Power of nature

On 'The Warrior Trail' you will discover the true essence of mountainbiking, where the power of nature and the determination of bikers come together for an unforgettable experience. Prepare for a journey that will challenge you physically and mentally, as you embrace the region's pristine beauty.

Let yourself be guided through challenging paths, conquer impressive heights and descend into hidden bays.​

Contact me Contact me